The Latest Spot Silver Price (US Dollars)

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What Does Spot Silver Mean?

“Spot silver” is a term that is used in reference to the existing silver per ounce price or cash value, as it is determined by the stock market.  For the most part, when silver is purchased, it will be purchased by the ounce.  It is expected that you will pay the spot price in addition to dealers fees.  The fees that are charged will be dependent on the particular dealer; there is no standard rate.  The fees can be considerably higher if you are seeking to purchase numismatic coins, which are essentially no longer minted collector coins that have extra “collector” value.

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There is a fluctuation in the price per ounce of the spot silver by the minute. A number of dealers sell by the bar, by the coins or as futures, which are ETFs or the paper form of silver. In essence, futures are promissory notes that can be quickly bought and sold. They enable investors to buy huge amounts of metals without the requirement of taking physical delivery. Every ETF ought to be backed by the equivalent amount of the metal in a third party depository that is secure.

However, it is widely believed that this rule has been often skirted and that in the event there was a significant economic situation and a number of individuals called in the metals they actually own for the cash amount or through their ETF, the suppliers would be unable to fill all the demands. As a result of this, a lot of people view ETFs as risky, especially individuals who are concerned about catastrophic events like a “bank run” or other forms of economic instability.

In addition, ETFs are designed to take out fees from investor shares, which eventually reduces their paper holdings. This is not done by the majority of physical storage vehicles.

Physical Silver: The Art of Buying and Selling

When physical silver is sold, there is a high likelihood that you will be unable to get the melt value or the “spot price,” unless a limited quantity is being sold to an individual. If you are doing business with a dealer or a firm that sells large volumes of silver bullion, they usually buy from individuals at a cost that is well lower than the spot price. For instance, a deal involving 100 silver bars could attract offers anywhere between $1 and $2 per ounce below the existing spot price. That is a reflection of a 10 percent to 20 percent “fee” for quickly liquidating the metals.

When it comes to the physical form of the metal, dealers who sell to the entire market use the spot silver price per ounce as a reference point. The spot price will be dictated by the pricing of futures that are available on the stock market. For the most part, daily trade in silver are electronically transacted; physical trades take place more infrequently. As a result of this, the most accurate and up-to-date prices for silver will most likely come from the futures markets.

More often than not, physical dealers sell over spot in order to earn a commission. The amount for the commission varies according to the firm and could go as much as 60 percent. The commission could even exceed 60 percent if physical numismatic coins, which have collectible value added into the price, are being purchased. Investors should be wary of spending anything that is more than 10 percent to 15 percent over the spot price.

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Is it Smart to Put Silver into an IRA or 401K?

gold silver pricesWhen the financial meltdown took place in the United States back in 2008, quite a number of individuals lost their shirts. Particularly those whose individual retirement accounts or IRA had significant real estate an/or stock market holdings. In sharp contrast, individuals who hedged their individual retirement accounts with a significant percentage of their holdings in silver or gold saw considerable gains. A number of investors are unfamiliar with a silver individual retirement account.

There are lots of mainstream investment advisors who are against placing physical precious metals into an individual retirement account. A lot of industry people believe that this point of view could be held because a number of these advisors, like the ones who work at popular firms, do not get any commission when they recommend physical precious metals and in particular, a silver IRA. This calls into question whether or not the advisors have the best interests of their clients in mind.

The best approach would be to carry out your own research and compare your findings with what you are being told by your financial advisor. Placing a portion of your investment portfolio into precious metals could turn out to be a powerful protection against the acts of the federal reserves and this includes quantitative easing, which has taken place three times already since 2008.

The video below explains in much greater detail how spot silver and gold prices have increased in value over time, as the U.S. dollar continues to be de-valued.


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Our Review of Regal Assets

Among the precious metal firms across America, Regal Assets is regarded as the most reputable. They are renowned for their Better Business Bureau A+ rating as well as for the 100 percent customer satisfaction record that they have at Trustlink.  Regal Assets are highly recommended by these unbiased, third party review companies.



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Key Points

Regal Assets is the 20th Fastest Growing Financial Services Company in the US

Inc 500 just ranked Regal Assets, #20 in the country out of 6 million companies. No other precious metals company made the list in 2013.


Regal Assets has been operating their business for 10 years and having received just two complaints after this significant period of time is a testament to their business acumen. They have experienced customer service representatives and advisors who provide clients with a personal touch, while they are being educated throughout the process. The customer service representatives and advisors can be contacted during the hours of 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST.

Call them here and experience a higher level of customer care than you might be accustomed to. There is no need for you to be overly concerned about being “sold” on the call because they do not operate like pushy sales people. Most people find this to be quite refreshing.

Their Website

Few companies in the financial sector have websites that are as easy to navigate, or as functional as the Regal Assets website. Apart from providing information about the latest spot silver prices, the website also provides useful information on other assets such as platinum, gold and palladium. Site visitors can get some insights into the precious metals investment world from interviews with silver and gold investors.

Unbelievable Service Delivery

While most companies provide a 90-day delivery window, Regal Assets delivers within 7 days. The company offers a free silver eagle to anyone who has to wait for a longer period than the guaranteed 7 days.

While on transit, every shipment is insured to protect clients from losses. The packaging used during shipping is discreet and secure. Investors have the alternative of letting Regal Assets store the actual silver for them in secure storage facilities with the investor being the only one allowed to make withdrawals. If you are creating a Silver IRA, holding your assets in third party warehouses is advantageous because you will not incur taxes or penalties. Furthermore, the company will handle all the logistics involved in moving the assets to the secure facility.

The Firm’s Inventory

Regal Assets holds millions of dollars in its precious metals inventory. Some of the assets that investors can put their money in include collectible and numismatic coins as well as silver bullion from all over the world. Numismatic coins are no longer in production, so their supply is limited, hence their high value. Some analysts cite the 1933 government confiscation of precious metals as the reason behind their high demand and value. They claim that if the government decides to confiscate gold and silver bullion, as it did back then, those who own numismatic coins are going to be spared.

Investors can also purchase palladium, platinum and gold with the help of Regal. In the future, manufacturers may start using silver to make cleaner automobile engines and batteries that last longer. Other precious metals like gold, palladium and platinum also have many advantages. Before you invest in any precious metal, be sure to get advice from your financial adviser so that you can make a well informed investment decision.

Get a Silver IRA

According to financial advisers, 401k account holders should invest part of their retirement funds in precious metals. A gold or silver IRA will ensure that they get the best returns and protect their nest-egg from the volatility of the market as well as a depreciating dollar. Regal assets specializes in gold and silver IRAs, so investors can get the best deals in the market. In order to roll some of the funds in a 401k into a gold or silver IRA without having to pay taxes or incurring penalties, investors only need to fill two forms at Regal. Please note that these are actual, tangible precious metals, and not ETFs, which are paper assets. Physical metals are not as susceptible to the volatility of the market as ETFs, and their prices cannot be manipulated easily.

Regal assets arranges for the purchase as well as storage of precious metals for clients. The company also helps clients to establish gold or silver IRA accounts. Selling the metals can also be done with the help of the company.